Our Sefalana 

The Sefalana Group first emerged in 1974 consisting of 6 wholesale stores and a maize mill. Over the 47 years since then, the Group has grown extensively and ventured into new industries and territories.


Over the last four decades, we have achieved a number of substantialmilestones which include:


1. being the first company to list its shares on the Botswana stock Exchange in 1975

2. growth from just 6 stores in Botswana to a total of over 90 stores across 4 countries

3. employment of over 5 100 individuals from a mere 233 in 1974, making Sefalana an employer of choice in all regions in which we operate

4. extension of manufacturing operations to include a wide range of products as we pride ourselves on feeding our Nation

5. diversification of our businesses to include the distribution of locally sourced fresh produce to both Sefalana stores and FMCG retailers across the country, motor dealerships (MAN, TATA and HONDA), property development and recently the opening of our first filling station under the Puma franchise

6. expansion into 4 additional countries in search of new markets.


The light blue (of the Botswana flag) recognises our roots as a true Botswana company, with the majority shareholding in the hands of our people.
The dark blue symbolises the precious commodity of water and the life it sustains
The orange represents the African sun that nurtures life and brings forth warmth, happiness and optimism at the heart of our Group and our brand.