KSI was established over 30 years ago in 1988 and was one of Botswana’s oldest manufacturing companies, producing laundry and bath soaps under the brand names Marang, Olga and Fusion.  


In 2014, the Group entered into an agreement with a strategic partner and diluted its shareholding in the manufacturing company. This entity which was previously a 50% owned subsidiary, has since been accounted for as an associate company with an effective 25% interest. This has for some time now, represented only a very small segment in the Group. As a result, this business was discontinued during the year, as it was no longer considered core to the Group’s activities.


Our focus continues to be the KSI property portfolio that owns warehouse space in Broadhurst, Gaborone. Rental income from these properties is by far the largest income stream for the KSI group. Sefalana controls the relevant activities of this business through the KSI holding company in which the Sefalana Group still maintains a 50% shareholding.