Our Values

At Sefalana, our values underpin the way in which we operate and go about our day to day. They are the core of our existence, embedded in all our people. We have re-assessed these values and consider them to remain valid and relevant in what we do and how we do it.


Sefalana’s value Charter encompasses 8 core values that define our internal conduct as well as our relationship with the external world. These values are our guiding principles, derived from our passion and commitment to the way we conduct business and are as follows:

Being respectful, having humility towards others and conducting one's self in a dignified manner.
Accepting responsibility for our own and our team's actions and decisions towards our stakeholders.
Securing and sustaining the future of Sefalana and the countries in which we operate; by actively taking part in acts of social responsibility and enviromental considerations
Doing what is right at all times
Allowing interactive communication and open access to information.
Devotion, adherence as well as loyalty to the organisation and its mandate. It is a reciprocal exchange between Sefalana and its stakeholders. The willingness to give one's time and energy consistently.
Actively seeking and sharing solutions and creating ideas towards growing Sefalana
Exceeding expectations