We launched our customer loyalty scheme, Sefalana Rewards, in November 2016 which has been well received by our customers. This loyalty program allows customers to earn Sefbacks on all purchases through giving back a percentage of the purchase value to our customers in the form of points that can be redeemed for cash discounts at any time.

We were proud to be the first local FMCG Group to launch such an offering to our customers. This has proven popular with our customers and loyalty now accounts for approximately 1 in 5 sales.

The loyalty program enables us to understand and monitor our customer behaviour better, and to offer specific products and promotions that will be of interest, whilst at the same time giving something back each time one shops with us.
To date we have over 100 000 loyalty customers registered with us and continually work towards improving our offering to our customers and creating value-adding features onto the loyalty program.  
We have recently added in a "Bank Your Change" option for our customers allowing them to add their change onto their loyalty card for future purchases which has proved popular with customers.