Milling Division

Foods Botswana Milling operates a factory in Serowe from which it mills and produces sorghum, soya and maize - based products, malt and diastatic malt. Its main activity is the provision of enriched meals for the Government feeding schemes but also manufactures a variety of its own branded products. The Company is focusing on developing these products and is increasingly winning market share.

The products currently produced by this Company include:
  1. Sarona Samp
  2. Sechaba Mabele
  3. Soya Sorghum enriched Foods (Malutu) for all age groups above 3 years
  4. Soya Sorghum Weaning Food (Tsabana) for infants up to 3 years
  5. Tholo Malt
  6. Tsabotlhe (soya sorghum extruded product)
  7. Maatla (enriched maize meal product)
We pride ourselves on the production of our well established, nationally renowned products made for Botswana, by Batswana. Protecting the position of our local - flavour house brands is a continuous management process with our resources constantly focused on developing our products and improving quality.