The world around us is constantly changing, impelling us to change with it – to better ourselves, to better our services and to better what we can give back to our community and our environment.
Now more than ever with the Covid-19 Pandemic, change is evident, and we have no choice but to adapt accordingly. This has caused us to realign our objectives, to prioritise security and safety in our homes and workplace and to do what is required for our valued customers across all our stores and business units. This transformation has presented us with the opportunity to look deeper into the specific needs of our people and our community, and to identify ways of making a meaningful change in their lives.
We placed focus on providing a safe and secure working environment for our staff through educating them on Covid-19 and safety protocols. We established a system of social distancing for both staff and customers alike in order to minimise physical interaction and at the same time maintain our position as an employer and retailer of choice in the market.
Our CSR activities are driven by our Group Strategy which focuses on the following underlying themes which define the way in which we operate:

1. Our people - the lifeline of our business...


Our people are the backbone of ourbusiness. We believe that having the right people in our team is the difference between success and failure. As a provider of essential services, now more than ever, we have seen the dedication of our staff, who willingly risk their health and wellbeing and continue servicing our customers through direct interaction. Our staff work through lockdowns and curfews to ensure our stores are well stocked with the necessities required by our customers.


With over 5 000 team members across our business, we pride ourselves in having an all-inclusive culture that celebrates respect and diversity. It is with this diversity that we are able to be a leading brand of choice, creating memorable experiences for our customers.


It is our people who deliver our strategy and maintain strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and stakeholders. Through a rigorous and careful selection process, we ensure that the right people join the Group and remain a key part of the Sefalana family, where comprehensive training and skills development is provided throughout their career with us.



2. Our Wealth Distribution - how we add value... 


Every company within Sefalana contributes towards the overall CSR activities of the Group and giving a part of our wealth back to society. Our FMCG businesses in Botswana and Namibia are the largest contributors to Group revenue and profit. The scale of this business permits us to leverage our purchasing power as well as maximise process and cost efficiencies.


We protect our reputation, which holds our wealth, through our efforts to be a good corporate citizen. We remain steadfast in ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Our trade is fair and transparent, giving the business community a long-term partner that can be trusted and held in good faith. We are proud of the reputation we have built over the last 5 decades and this is vitally important for our continued success both across Botswana and in other regions in which we operate.



3. Our Community - giving back....


By operating responsibly, we not only promote and secure the future of our business but extend these rewards to benefit the communities in which we operate. We achieve this through providing our customers with good quality, safe and affordable products in a shopping environment that suits their liking and lifestyle; instore, online and through home delivery.


Sefalana is committed to delivering value to its customers through improving quality, ensuring we are competitively priced and giving back through our loyalty program, Sefalana Rewards. We know that our customers expect a wide range of products and practical offerings at a consistent high quality – products that are fresh and readily available.



4. Our environment....


Masses of cardboard boxes and paper are used and discarded on a daily basis in our retail and manufacturing operations. In our efforts to give back to our environment, we recycle the majority of our waste, allowing it to be converted into toilet tissue and related products.


We are also actively promoting the use of reusable shopping bags through offering three variants of Sefalana branded bags which are increasingly becoming popular with the ban on plastic bags being put in force in Botswana.